BLAQUE @ the 2011 Emmy Awards

2011 Emmy Awards – Red Carpet Fashion

On a night dominated by red and gold, these lovelies showed out in BLAQUE!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there weren’t many fashion “DON’Ts” on the Emmy Awards’ red carpet this year.  I guess some people got tired of being ridiculed by E!’s Fashion Police lol and decided to step their games up.

Side note:  This was the best Emmy Awards show I’ve seen in my entire life…shout out to Jane Lynch and all of the other celebrities that pulled off some freakin hilarious skits.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

Maria Menounos in Ungaro

Maria’s dress fits her perfectly and I’m loving all the sequins.  I love her hair like this too!

Aimee Teegarden

 Eh…nothing strikes me as particularly interesting about the gown Aimee Teegarden is wearing, but it’s still nice.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Pucci

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about Gwyneth’s Pucci two-piece number, but to me she can do no wrong.  And no, it’s not because she’s wearing black, nor is it because I think she’s the best thing since sliced bread (did I mention I LOVE HER?).  It’s because I think she took a fashion risk and it paid off.  If she looked like crap, then it would’ve been a different story, but she always manages to make anything, even a paper bag, look sleek and classy.  Some are questioning whether it was appropriate for the Emmy’s…hey…in my opinion, the Emmy’s needed a little sass…and this was it.

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